BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness Petite


Cordura Color
Black Knight
Cobalt Blue
Cosmic Pink
Forest Green
Grape Purple
Lipstick Red
Neon Green
Neon Pink
Neon Yellow
Royal Purple
Safety Orange
Tahiti Blue
Crazy Hearts
Dynamic Ink
Galactic Splash
Mystic Moor
Optic Orange
Passion Fire
Red Rock Jaguar
Star Chief
Tropic Treasure

The petite harness is designed specifically to keep your 8-15lb dog not only stylish, but comfortable. The soft reflective chest strap sits in the middle of the dog's chest, providing support while allowing the dog freedom to move comfortably. The girth is made from ultra soft webbing and sits back away from the armpit to provide stability to the saddle as well as keep the dog level if you have to lift them up for a quick hug. The saddle has a reflective trim for easy visibility and is made of a soft flexible cordura that enables it to form to your four legged friend's unique body style.

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Petite - Regular Fit: #1 Front 7" to 9" - #2 Girth 15" to 20" - Approximate Weight Range 9lbs to 14lbs - Breed Type: Boston Terrier, Pug

New Speed Buckle Option great for people with arthritis, Service Dogs, Assistance Dogs.  

What's in the Box


2 removable BrilliantK9 embroidered patches

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