The World's Most Stylish Pet Tracker

<center>Durable | Functional</center>

Durable | Functional

Created for the active pet!

ūüźĺ Waterproof ūüźĺ

ūüźĺ Shockproof ūüźĺ

<center>Solar Powered GPS Tracker<center>

Solar Powered GPS Tracker

Created for larger animals, such as:

Large Breed Dogs





  • Real Time Locator

    See exactly where your pet is on Google Maps!

  • WiFi Zone

    Get an alert when you pets leaves the home WiFi range.

  • Low Battery Alarm

    View available battery life from the application dashboard.

  • Geo-Fence

    Get an alert when your pet leave a specified area.

  • Historical Route

    See the history of GPS locations stored on our server.

  • Mobile App

    Premium application support and updates.

GPS Trackers for Dogs and Cats | Pet Tracking Devices

The Paw Tracker

Our dog and cat GPS Trackers are specially designed to clip on your pets collar, giving you peace of mind knowing exactly where your dog or cat is all the time. It uses 2G (GSM) Cell Phone Towers to upload GPS coordinates to our servers.  Locate your pet, using a smartphone or tablet.  Track your pets location  on the google maps with our GPS App in real time.  With your Membership you will receive continuous tech support, app updates, and a 1 year manufacturers warranty.  See our Coverage Map to see if you are inside our network. 
Track anything you want with our GPS Tracker.  Attach it to your kid's Backpack and find out what time they get home from school. Stash it in a car and find out its location history by a detailed log sent to your smartphone.  The Paw Tracker is waterproof (ip66) and shockproof.   While designed specifically for Dogs and Cats, it can be used in so many ways we can't list them all here.


Our Promise - Customer Satisfaction

We are confident you will find great value with our GPS Tracking device.  If you are not happy for any reason you can return it for a full refund.  All we ask is for your feedback, this way we can do our best to improve our products and service.   

Founded in 2015, The Paw Tracker is a USA based company founded by long-time friends and fellow pet lovers. Our mission is to lower the overpopulation of animal shelter and connect lost pets with their owner instantly. We believe that The Paw Tracker can reduce the number of homeless pets & reunite missing animals with their owners. 

 If you have any questions please see our FAQ's page.