Frequently Asked Questions




Product Overview

What is Paw Tracker and how does it work?

The PawTracker is one of the world's smallest and lightest pet GPS tracking devices with an easy-to-use mobile PawTracker app, putting your pet’s location right at your fingertips. This allows you to locate your pet in seconds and track their activity and historical routes on your mobile device, or set designated areas that if your pet escapes from Paw Tracker will alert you immediately. If you ever worry your four-legged friend could get lost, the PawTracker is available to put your mind at ease. 

Plus, with three stylish color options; your dog or cat will have the coolest collar on the block!

Where can I buy Paw Tracker?

You can buy Paw Tracker here

How do I sign up for service to my Paw Tracker?

Please go to to sign up for service to your Paw Tracker. You will need your Device ID# on the back of your Paw Tracker and a valid email address. You will then be prompted to select a monthly plan and proceed to checkout.

Is the difference between Paw Tracker and the Microchip?

Yes. The difference between Paw Tracker and a microchip is simple.

Paw Tracker is an external, on-collar device, while microchips are embedded under your pet’s skin. Paw Tracker uses breakthrough GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular technology to enable you to see where your pet is at anytime and will alert you if your pet leaves a designated area (Geo-Fence). 

To find a lost pet using a microchip your pet has to be found and taken to a vet or shelter with access to the right database with the owner’s correct information. This process is not guaranteed to work and could take weeks. With the Paw Tracker you have the ability to locate your lost pet within minutes of losing them.

Can I use Paw Tracker on multiple pets?

When you set up your Paw Tracker, you can only choose one pet to assign the Paw Tracker to. You need additional Paw Tracker's and subscriptions for each additional pet you own. 

What do the lights mean?

Each light and sequence of lights on your Paw Tracker have different meanings. While charging, your Paw Tracker with blink red and blue lights in sequence. This means it is not fully charged and needs to remain on the charger. Once the Paw Tracker is fully charged you will see a solid red light.

When you take the Paw Tracker off of the charger you will see the red or blue light flashing. Red means the device has a GPS signal, and blue means that it has a GSM signal. GPS is from a satellite, (most accurate) and blue is from a cell phone tower.

If the Paw Tracker is in the dark and on; you will see the sensor lights flash for easier detection at night. The sensor lights vary in color at random from green, white, red, and blue.  

When turning the device off you will see the red and blue lights flash three times quickly.

You may turn the lights off or on again in 'Settings' on our Paw Tracker app by simply clicking 'LED' or 'Sensor Light'  

SIM Card in my Paw Tracker?

Please check the that the SIM card in your device next to the charging port is pushed down firmly into it's housing. Sometimes during shipping or  your pet rough housing can cause the SIM card to come out a bit and will show an offline message on your app. Simply push it back into place and place your Paw Tracker on the charger to reboot. 

What are the Technical Aspects of Paw Tracker?

A full list of all of Paw Tracker's technical aspects can be found here

Attachment & Size

How does Paw Tracker attach to my pet's collar?

Paw Tracker comes with a clip attached to the back of the device to secure Paw Tracker directly onto your pet’s existing collar or harness (up to 1’’ wide and 1/4" thick). The device can easily be removed from your pet's collar when it needs to be charged.

Does Paw Tracker come in other sizes?

No, Paw Tracker only comes in one size, which is suitable for all cats and dogs over 5 pounds. For more support for your small pet we recommend a harness to attach Paw Tracker. 

Paw Tracker Battery

How long does Paw Tracker's battery last?

Depending on usage, Paw Tracker can last up to 10 days on one single charge. The usage depends on which "Interval for Uploading GPS location" option you choose in 'Settings' on your Paw Tracker App. The options are every 1 minute, 10 minutes, 60 minutes, and 12 hours. The faster the time interval the faster your battery life will be depleted. You can easily change the time interval at anytime for faster tracking and uploading of current GPS location. 

One Minute Time Interval?

If you are trying to track your pet because it is an emergency and he/she is lost, then selecting the 1 minute time interval is the best option to track your pets location in real time. However, on this option the battery will approximately last up to 12 hours. 

10 Minute Time Interval?

The ten minute time interval option is best implemented for observing your cats historical route when he/she is out of the house, or for tracking your dog walker on the job. The battery life on this time interval is approximately 2-4 days.

60 Minute Time Interval?

The sixty minute time interval option is great for when you are away from home, and would like some peace of mind knowing the device will have a battery life of approximately 5 days. This is great for when you are on vacation or away from your home for an extended amount of time.

12 Hour Time Interval?

The 12 hour time interval option is the best option for power saving. The device will have a battery life of approximately 10 days on this setting. This is great for when you are on vacation or away from your home for an extended amount of time.

How do I charge Paw Tracker?

Paw Tracker comes with 2 charging cables in the box. One is a Micro USB cable that you will need to insert the USB end of this cable into any USB port. The other is an Alligator Charging clip that attaches to two metal plates on the back of the device. It will flash all of the multi-colored lights to let you know it is connected successfully. The red and blue lights will continue to blink until it is charged completely. Then, when the device has charged completely, the red light will stay on constantly. It takes around 2 hours to fully charge Paw Tracker. Once it is fully charged, re-attach it to your pet's collar. 

Mobile App

Is the Paw Tracker App free?

Yes, the app is free. We are in the process of rebuilding the App.  In the meantime you can use our Manufacturers app just search for "Reach Far" in App or Google Play Store.


Can a friend or family member access my pet's location?

Yes. Have your friend or family member download the "Paw Tracker" App and give them your Device ID number (located on the back of the device) and password to login. Multiple individuals can access your pet's location at the same time.

Subscription & Billing 

Why is a subscription plan required to use Paw Tracker?

Paw Tracker uses a 2G network that reaches to most parts of North America. This allows the user to track your pets location almost anywhere they may go within North America. Each device requires a subscription plan to operate. Subscription options start at just $9.95/month or $99.95/year. 

If you choose the monthly option; you will be charged $9.95 every month on the same date your original month's purchase was made.  

If you have a billing issue or question please send an email to

Coverage & Compatibility

Which cellular service does Paw Tracker use?

Paw Tracker works on a large 2G network that services all of North America. 

A detailed map of the coverage area can be found here

It does not matter which service provider you have on your mobile phone, but our device must be in our coverage map to operate. Please keep in mind that this is for the Paw Tracker device itself, and not your mobile phone.  

Will Paw Tracker work if I am outside the cellular service area?

No. The device requires cellular service to properly locate your pet and communicate with your smartphone. Paw Tracker requires secure cellular service to communicate GPS updates to your phone. If you are outside of the coverage area the device will not operate successfully. 

Will Paw Tracker work outside of North America?

No. At this time Paw Tracker is only available in North America, which includes the United States, Canada, and Mexico. 

Warranty and Returns

What is the warranty on Paw Tracker?

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee from the date of purchase for the full purchase price. 

What is the refund and return policy?

30 day Money Back Guarantee for devices that have not been worn by a pet.  We recommend testing the product on yourself or a friend before attaching the device to your pet.  


Where do I go for customer support or technical related questions?

We are here and happy to help you and your pet with any issues relating the product or usage. You can email us 24/7 at or click here to send us a note.