My Cat Must Have a Second Family

November 29, 2015

Where is that freaking Cat?

You must know my cat to understand how he really is.  His name is Bolt a yellow tabby.  He is the most vocal cat off all time and it can sound like he is dying if he is thirsty or hungry.  But my 7  year old love that damn cat and he lets her carry him  by his neck without clawing her too much.  We rescued him about two years ago.   He was a kitten.  

I refuse to have a litter box so we have a cat door and he comes and goes as he pleases.  But from time to time he stays gone for a night or 2.   Where does he go?  I will know soon enough.  How long does he stay? What do they call him?  All my questions are going to be answered soon. 


We have figured out that the grumpy old man at the end of the street is not so grumpy after all.   He has a soft heart and is feeding and taking care of our cat from time to time. 

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