Why I Wish I Had a pet GPS 10 years ago.....

December 14, 2015

We are Animal lovers and want to do what we can to keep pets with their owners... I know that from personal experience nothing is worse that the feeling like you do when you can't find your pet.  With The Paw Tracker Pet GPS system

My Partner, Scott Roberts, and I were working in the Oil and Gas industry as landmen a year ago. O yeah then the price of oil and gas plummeted. Needless to say we have been scrambling to find more work with other companies but really until the oil price starts rising again we may be waiting tables.

We are both family men who are passionate in all our affairs. We use due diligence and and take pride in any project we decide to tackle. Given this opportunity, I give you my word that success will be our number one priority.  I know that out of the 10 Million Lost pets in America this year.  Thousands could make it home with the use of a Pet GPS Tracker. 

I remember around 10 years ago I lost my dog Moonshine at Lake Tawakoni in East Texas. I will never forget getting off the boat and realizing that my Pit Bull Puppy was gone. I made signs had a microchip, and drove around West Tawakoni for 3 days and there was never any sign of Moonshine. About 2 weeks later I received a call from someone about a stray Pitt they had found. I drove 2 hours from home knowing it was not him. I did take the stray back with me because he needed a home and I was heart broken. But I can't tell you how much I wished they had this kind of technology available back then. Showing up to the persons house who had found him.

Our Goal is to provide a well made quality GPS tracker will be reachable with your support... We THANK YOU!

See The Paw Tracker at ThePawTracker.com

GPS Tracker Pet Lost Dog Cat

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