Airlines Lost Your Luggage? Get a GPS Tracker for Your Checked Baggage!

March 30, 2017

Airlines Lost Your Luggage? Get a GPS Tracker for Your Checked Baggage!

Have you ever been a victim of lost luggage?  Nothing spoils a trip more than waiting and watching other peoples bags go round and round knowing deep down inside that your clothes are in another airport.  What if you could tell the airlines exactly where your bag was?  How much quicker could you get a fresh change of clothes?   

There are 2 kinds of tracking devices that may work for you.  Bluetooth tracker such as Tile can be very helpful when locating lost items including keys, wallet, purse, or backpack.  They have about a 50ft range but some can tether from user to user.  GPS Trackers use cellular technology to transmit the GPS location to a server.  Then you can access the location of the device from anywhere on your smartphone.  GPS Trackers will help you find a lost bag in a different city as where bluetooth trackers will help you find close range items.  For an avid traveler both could come in handy!

GPS Luggage Trackers

Lug Loc Tracker

LugLoc Tracker makes your suitcase smart. The tracker lets you locate your belongings anywhere while traveling, through a friendly smartphone app. You simply pack device lug loc luggage and bag trackinginside your bag and mobile app displays mapped location letting you know where your bag is in-real time. LugLoc is for everyone. Whether traveling for business, vacation, or with valuable items. It fits in any size bag, making it SMART, traceable and convenient. LugLoc lets you focus on what’s important; enjoying your trips and relaxing. You’ll rest easy knowing where your bags are at all times. Lugloc keeps track of your luggage and keeps traveling fun and enjoyable! LugLoc comes with 30 days of complimentary tracking service. Then, simply pay as you go and only when you need by using the mobile app! The award-winning #1 selling LugLoc Luggage Locator is proven to help travelers from losing their luggage or ever worrying about lost luggage, upgrading the bags you own with a “smart” and connected solution for stress-free travel.


Trakdot Luggage Tracker

Trakdot delivers breakthrough products that empower consumers to keep track of 
GPS luggage Trackerthe people and things they hold dear. Providing cutting-edge patent-protectedtechnology at a remarkable value, Trakdot offers innovative solutions that meet global demand. Trakdot delivers a level of peace of mind previously unattainable. 26 Million bags go missing each year from Airports around the world. Enjoy peace of mind with Trakdot Luggage, knowing the location of your airline checked luggage at all times. First-ever luggage tracking solution with worldwide location reporting keeps you connected to your valuables


The Waldo GPS Luggage Tracker by Smart Unit

Follow your luggage: The smart unit locates your luggage at any time, any place around the world (wherever a cell phone gem/gps network is available). The device is shut off at check in and self-
Waldo Smart Luggage Trackeractivates upon landing due to its unique patented software. Don't be obsessed calling your airline to find out where your luggage is. Find it immediately with the smart unit connected to your smartphone, and be the first to know when it has arrived. Small distance tracking: Always keep an eye on your luggage. It will alert you if someone picks it up and walks away while the Bluetooth technology circle connects you automatically to your luggage, find it easily on the receiving belt or at the terminal. Don't stress on waiting your luggage on the rails, you will know exactly when it will arrive. Theft protection: The smart unit has a unique anti-theft system it will send an alert signal to your cell phone if the luggage has been opened during its transportation. It will also alert you if someone picks up your luggage when it is located within the blue tooth range and breaches the electronic leash between you and your luggage.


Spy Tec STI_GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker

Backed by SpyTec, a leader in consumer and enterprise GPS tracking gear since 2004, the compact and cutting-edge STI_GL300 allows you to track your loved ones and valuables when you can’t be Luggage GPS Tracker around. Whether it’s your child coming home from school, a suspicious spouse, a teenage driver, or valuable company assets, the STI_GL300, with cutting-edge GPS technology, keeps you up to date in real time. And since the STI_GL300 provides location updates as often as every 5 seconds, you can easily track fast-moving people, assets and vehicles. Additionally, the SpyTec GPS website allows you to set geographic boundaries around locations (geofencing) and be notified when someone or something moves outside these areas. For example, you can create a geofence around your child’s commute home from school, so you can be notified of any unexpected stops. You can also geofence your neighborhood, alerting you the moment your suspect spouse leaves your home. Or you can geofence your elderly mother’s home so you can be notified when she wanders too far away.


Bluetooth Trackers

Tile Slim Mate - Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder 

Never lose your wallet, purse or phone again with Tile Slim -the world’s thinnest bluetooth tracker.
Tile Slim is the easiest, quickest and most reliable way to find your wallet, phone and more. As thin as two credit cards, you can slide, tuck or attach Tile Slim to anything! Attach it to your notebook, laptop, or Kindle. Slip it into a tight spot like your wallet or jacket pocket. Then, use our simple app to make it ring or see the last place you had it. If it’s your phone you’re looking for, simply press your Tile Slim to make your phone ring -even if it’s on silent.

TrackR bravo 

TrackR makes it easy to find your misplaced items when you're in Bluetooth range. The Distance TrackR Bravo TrackerIndicator will let you know when you're getting close. Just tap a button and your TrackR bravo will ring loudly. If you lose an item, the Crowd Locate network will help you recover it. If one of the millions of TrackR users walks by your lost item while running the app, you’ll receive an anonymous update with your item's last known location. TrackR users help each other find over a million items every day!

Wistiki Premium Tracking Device Designed by Philippe Starck


Created in partnership with world-renowned designer Philippe Starck. Free your mind, let Voilà by wistiki luggage and key trackerWistiki keep you from losing the things you can’t leave home without-- like your cell phone, keys, purse and wallet to save you precious time. Voilà by Wistiki works through a smart accessory that is connected to a smart phone application. Available for iOS and Android. You can make the smart object ring by using the app, or make the phone ring by pushing the button on your Voilà by Wistiki.  Thanks to the Bluetooth technology, Wistiki owners can make their items ring up in an up to 300 ft radius. If out of range, Wistiki owners can use the community GPS that will show the device’s location on a map whenever a fellow Wistiki owner comes within range.


















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