Frequently Asked Question During Setup

My device says "Not enabled"

This means that your device has not be able to connect to a 2G cell phone tower.  You can check the coverage map to see if you are in a 2G coverage area.  If you believe you are on the border of the coverage area you should charge device fully using a outlet located outdoors on a patio or porch. If your device still says "Not Enabled" then you should bring it with you the next time you go in a car deeper into the coverage area.  


My device says "Offline"

This means of the device is out of batteries or not able to get a cellular signal.  This usually happens when you are located in a rural area or in a bad coverage area.  The solution to fix this problem is take the device outdoor and leave it plugged in for 3 hours.  During that time you should be able to login to app and it will no longer say "Offline" It should say "Stationary" or "Moving". 

Once the device is online ("Stationary" or "Moving") you need to adjust the "interval for uploading GPS location data" this is found in the setting menu on the main screen of the app.  This should be set to "1 hour interval (Power Saving Mode)".

My Historical Route says "No data obtained"

You will need to set the "Soft Time zone", and "Device Language and timezone" to you current timezone.  These can be found from the setting icon in the main menu.

Soft Time Zone is easily selected with a scroll menu. 

Device Timezone will have to be manually inputted use the following format: "-5" - EDT, "-6" - CDT, "-7" MST, "-8" - PDT. Click the Blue OK button once the correct time is entered.  

You will want to unselect the "Show LBS points" it comes selected by default.  Then push the Search Button.

My Geo-Fence Does NOT Alert Me

Apple iOS users must also download the ReachFar app from App Store and login with same Device ID and Password 123455.  This will only have to be done one time.