Building a Business around a Device; GPS tracker for Dogs and Cats - The Paw Tracker

January 16, 2016

Good Morning,

My name is Daniel B and my partner Scott R and I decided to start an online e-commerce website about 8 months ago.  We are both into technology and looking at may different options we decided to look into GPS trackers for Elderly and Kids.... We wanted to develop  something we believed in and because we are both family men our kids are extremely important to us.   After realizing that this market was but getting kids to wear things may be a little too tricky.  Our manufacturer had was able to re-design a chip configuration for us and we decided to launch The Paw Tracker.  Our pet GPS trackers are ideal for both dogs and cats.  Weighing less than 2 ounces and about the size of a silver dollar it easily attaches to your pets collar.  

Once we made our decision final The Paw Tracker was launched. Spend months and months designing the clip, app, features, ect.  and now it's time for production. 


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