Top 5 Pet Wearables To Keep Your Pet Sound And Safe

June 07, 2016 4 Comments

We have seen too many wearables to keep a track of you including heart rate monitors, fitness trackers and others. The wearable technology market is growing, and they are now moving into specific uses. One of them is pet wearables.

Pet wearables come in handy as they allow you to keep excellent track of your pets, wherever they might be. People love their pets and they should have a good measure of their whereabouts. This is where pet wearables come in.

When it comes to pet wearables, your choices are extensive. However, here are some that have definitely made their mark in this niche market.

The Paw Tracker – Dog and Cat GPS Tracking Device

GPS Tracking Device, GPS dog collar, Pet GPS TrackerThe Paw Pet Tracker features one of the best on-collar GPS tracking devices with a simple mobile app, putting your pet’s needs and location right at your fingertips. Allowing you to locate your pet in minutes and track their daily activity on your phone. If you ever worry your pet could get lost, Paw Tracker will provide protection for your pet, and peace of mind for the heir owners.

The Paw Tracker utilizes a partner cellular coverage network to transmit your pets location to your smartphone. This is done many times a day to make sure you always have an exact location of where your pet is. 

  • GPS location tracking features:
  • Attach to your pet's collar
  • Activity & health trend monitoring
  • Free Mobile App - iOS and Android Apps
  • The Device Comes Ready to use Plug and Play
  • Fits most collars. 
  • Low battery App indicator
  • Geo-Fence Feature
  • Waterproof - Shockproof
  • Comes in 3 colors: Gold, Blue and Silver

WonderWoof Bluetooth Bow Tie

Available for $95, the WonderWoof Bluetooth Bow Tie is a very fashionable device that can monitor your dog’s activity. This is done by keeping a good track of its movements. WonderWoof can track your dog’s steps and whereabouts in the most exact manner. So if your dog is sleeping or resting, it will tell you that it is.Pet Activity tracker wonder woof bow tie

What is even more special about it is that the app tells you if your dog is in good health, if it is getting the exercise that it needs according to its age, breed, gender and so on. It generally tends to show your dog’s progress. Thus, the WonderWoof Bluetooth Bow Tie not only keeps a track of your pets but it also lets you understand what your pet needs and therefore, lets you cater to its needs fully and well.

There are many features of the WonderWoof Bluetooth Bow Tie that stands out. Another thing it does is that it lets you connect your friends’ dogs to your application and see them as to where they are. If they are nearby, you can, with the use of the WonderWoof Bluetooth Bow Tie, schedule play dates and much more.

A little drawback of the device is that it lasts for seven days. You will have to recharge it once its batteries run out.

WonderWoof also has a sister device namely the WonderMeow. It is a similar wearable app that has been designed to monitor cats’ activities. The price of WonderMeow will be the same as WonderWoof and it will do the same things that the WonderWoof does. The only difference is that the WonderMeow has been designed for cats not dogs.

PetChatz HD

PetChatz is a system designed to help you interact with your dog or cat, no matter how far away you are.  It's one thing to just use a two-way video system. PetChatz has that. But it also caters to your pets senses of taste and smell.  

Pet Video Chat system Pet Chatz, Pet TechJust download PetChatz app and connect the unit in your home into an electrical outlet, which is typically located close to pet eye level. It connects to your home Wi-Fi network. The device activates remotely from your computer through the PetChatz Web site, or through a tabletor smartphone app. 

It plays a tone to get your pet's attention, and then you can see the wee beastie, talk to it, and push a button to dispense a small treat onto the floor.  One of PetChatz's more unusual features is a scent dispenser. It holds proprietary scent pads and releases the odor on demand.

They have different scent that come with it, but will also let customers create their own scents. That should work well for pets who like to cuddle with your old shoes or sleep with their snouts in your dirty clothes.

Tractive 2 GPS and Activity Tracker

Priced at $180, Tractive2 is a lighter and smaller version of many of the other devices in its league. It is lighter, it is smaller and it has better internals. Tractive 2 GPS is a GPS tracker that lets you know where your pet is in real time. It does so by the use of Tractive GPS app.

The device shows a 24 hour history of your pets whereabouts, as to where yourTractive 2, Pet Gps Tracking system pet has been. Moreover, it also has an internal light that allows you to find your dog when it is too dark.

The price of the device is $180 but it is worth it as it is one of those very few devices that let you monitor all of your dog’s activity whenever you like. Moreover, the device is subscription based so you have to pay $5 a month, which might be a little downer.

The same company also has another device by the name of Tractive Motion that tracks your pet’s activity and allows you to set daily goal for your pet that he can work towards. This particular device is available for $100.

Both of the devices have been made to monitor your dog’s activity where and when it might be. The former device is a more technical and powerful device whereas the latter device is slightly less powerful but still good for tracking and monitoring your dog’s activity.

Trackimo Universal Tracking Device

Trackimo has been there for a good amount of time. It has been launched with a GPS tracking system that lets you track your dog wherever it might be, in the world! It comes with cellular coverage so it shows you where your dog goes, inch by inch, second by second. It there is any geo fences, the device will tell you where your pet has crossed them and so on. The device shows you a good history of where your dog has been and allows you to track the pets unlimited amounts of time.

The device has been priced at $190 which is a bit pricey but it is still worth it. Trackimo,  GPS Tracking systemsMoreover, the device comes with a companion app for both Android and iOS that lets you set the geo fences and lets you see your dog history. It, in essence, shows you everything your dog does. If you are particular about your dog and want to know what he does, this device has been made for you.   There are some other pet wearables that let you track your pet’s whereabouts but the above mentioned ones are our pick because of their features and price.

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Miles Perry
Miles Perry

November 27, 2018

Trackimo serves me well. Thank you so much Trackimo!

Chloe Smith
Chloe Smith

November 27, 2018

Trackimo works excellent I don’t have any bad feed backs about it. Not Costly, Great Quality and a Reliable product.

Nicholas Woods
Nicholas Woods

November 27, 2018

Thank you for having this post. This will be helpful for those who will purchase a tracking device for their pets.

Luke	 Hammond
Luke Hammond

November 24, 2016

been using Trackimo for my dog. and it works perfectly fine.

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