11 Kids GPS Tracker for Modern Families of 2016 - Child Smart Watch

June 03, 2016 11 Comments

Top 11 GPS Tracker for Modern Families of 2016 - Kids Smart Watches


When I was 9,  I got lost at the State Fair of Texas.  Hundreds of Strangers yelling and throwing darts at balloons, firing hundreds of BB's at Red Star targets, and no sign ofGPS global Positioning system my Dad.   I was terrified and thank God with in 2 minutes I had found a Police Officer.  I was safe but I know my dad was not able to take a breath until he found me.  That was 5 minutes later.....Phew.....Today,  I have 2 kids and if I lose sight of them at the McDonald's Playground for 30 seconds I start to freak out!  It's one of those things everyone hates to hear; "You will never understand until you are a parent", No truer statement.   The advances in Technology need to be utilized to keep our families safe and here are some of 2016's gadgets that could help Parents of Gen Next.

Its hard to pick a winner in monitoring gadgets for Kids GPS Trackers, but getting an awesome combination of functions, functionality and usefulness options for you can help.  Because opinions for those products may be particularly contradicting. it's very useful to understand the limitations on these products and specializing in what is most vital to you, you may sincerely get a exceptional monitoring device that works properly for you and your kiddo.

Here are 11 of the most excellent children tracking devices on the market. Based totally for your needs, We've listed GPS enabled gadgets, GPS enabled gadgets with two-way calling, and devices on the way and some that don't have GPS capabilities. They're  costs range, as the layers of protection and stage of technology boom, however the intention of every device is equal....kid protection.


1. The Paw Tracker 

Have you had the need to monitor your Kids's activities and location? Without having to stress yourself; enjoy the benefits of this sophisticated paw tracker to help you ease off the sense of fear, panic and curiosity to know where your teenager are hiding after school keep this tracker in their car and save their precious life.

This paw tracker designed for pets but works with kids just the same; It is easy to setThe Paw Tracker GPS for kids and pets up, use and maintain; it is light weight and can help you locate and monitor your Child anytime, anywhere and in any location. It can work on any smart phones, android or computer. Make sure you get your hand on this, it worth every penny.

Price: $99.95 Service: $99.95/Year or $9.95/Month

2. Trax

Trax GPS Tracker is the most costly GPS monitoring tool in the marketplace.
Trax GPS Tracker ReviewThe initial version of Trax, a kid-friendly GPS tracker, did a very good job of pinpointing a child's location. A new version coming in March aims to be even better.

The GPS tracker from Wonder Technology Solutions has a new name — it's now called Trax Play — and it promises improved positioning over the original Trax. Enhanced GPS will let you retrieve the signal faster when you check your child's position on the Trax smartphone app, which should reduce those moments of anxiety when your child wanders out of view.

Price: $99.97 on Amazon

Service: 2 Years Free after $5.00/month


3. KidsConnect GPS Tracker Cell Phone Wearable

You will need to activate & choose a service plan from T-Mobile for your kidsconnect gps phone after you receive your phone. The kidsconnect phone is a GPS tracker and phone for kidsparent's "all in one security solution".  The sos feature when activated will send a text message with the gps/lbs location to up to 4 cell phone numbers and then it will autodial the numbers on the sos list until one is answered.  The sos feature can also be programmed to call a help center where a live operator will answer the phone and assist the child at an additional cost. The Geo-fencing feature allows parents to set a predetermined area and receive an alert if the phone enters or leaves the area. The voice monitoring feature allows parents to send a text message to the phone and within a minute the phone will call back without activating the screen allowing them the ability to monitor the child's surroundings. The kidsconnect phone is equipped with 4 speed dial numbers as well as a 20 number phone book.









Price: $72.73

Service $14-18

4. hereO GPS Watch for Kids

  • The free complimentary hereO Family app is available for download on iOS and Android.
  • Real-time alerts and notifications directly from your child’s device
  • Fully functional GPS/Wi-Fi/GSM tracking device that works in +120 countries – with no roaming charges
  • Built in SIM card, no contracts to sign
  • Free 6 month subscription included, thereafter $4.95/month fixed service fee

Price: $199.99

Service: T-Mobile 


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5. PocketFinder

PocketFinder out of doors non-public Locator is a GPS tracking tool that can effortlessly be slipped right into a baby’s pocket, backpack, or hooked onto a belt pocker finder gps trackerloop or shoelace. like all GPS tracking devices, a monthly carrier plan is needed. Roaming packages are to be had for journeys outside of the USA. PocketFinder permits dad and mom to installation geo-fences and receive signals regarding battery lifestyles, which, relying at the energy choice decided on, is one to five days. mother and father will get hold of e-mail and textual content message notifications if a baby leaves and then arrives at a chosen fenced location. speed restriction alarms also can be dispatched to a device if a youngster driver or babysitter exceeds the set speed limit parents set. If important, 60 days of statistics concerning area, pace, and altitude may be considered.


Price: $139.00

Service:  $12.95/Month

6. Tencent QQwatch Kids GPS Wrist Watch Phone

QQ Watch has US version and EU version. US version runs on GSM 850/1900. It gps smart phone watch for wristworks in USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina and some American countries. EU version runs on GSM 900/1800.  QQ Watch only supports GSM 2G Nano SIM card. Data plan is required for the watch to operate. Add up to 5 families and 16 friends on the app. QQ Watch automatically syncs contacts. You can make and receive calls easily. Track your child's location within 3 meters. Press the SOS button to text family members and call the watch admin in case of emergency. Set up a safety zone on the app. Families members receive notifications when your child steps outside the safety zone. NOTE: AT&T will be taking down their 2G towers at the beginning of 2017.  T-Mobile is the only option in the USA.

Functions: Group chat, take photos, voice message, text message, add friends, pedometer, alarm, history path, weather, etc.

Price: $99.99

Service: Buy Your Own

7. Amber Alert GPS

The Amber Alert GPS child Locator offers a variety of capabilities and peace of AMber alert gps tracker for kidsthoughts, however is most effective to be had via an AT&T month-to-month service plan. With the carrier plan, this tracker gives two-way calling, syncs to a clever telephone app, sends text or email indicators, and permits parents to set up to 20 secure zones. when the SOS button is pressed, a name is made to the primary contact wide variety decided on by means of the determine, however the alert also can be sent to 10 different users who also can be made privy to your toddler’s location. mother and father can call their child too and feature the choice to just concentrate in to decide if all is nicely.  The “bread crumbing” characteristic allows mother and father to set up timed notifications in their baby’s location; notifications are sent to a smart telephone in timed duration from 5 mins to two hours. Notifications are also dispatched when a infant leaves one decided safe region and enters every other. secure zones can include school, the park, or a friend’s house.

Speed barriers also can be determined. dad and mom will receive an alert if a delegated velocity is exceeded, retaining babysitters or teenagers in take a look at. the kid-pleasant tracker is wearable with a lanyard or wrist or ankle strap and has a battery lifestyles of forty hours tracking gadgets without GPS skills.

Price: $99.99

Service: $15-18

8. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

The VTech® Kidizoom® Smartwatch is the smartest watch for kids! Perfect for youngvtech smartwatch photographers, this durable smartwatch makes it easy to take photos and record videos on the go. They can also use the touch screen to explore their creativity with fun photo effects, frames and filters. The watch helps kids learn how to tell time by letting them choose between digital and analog displays. They can also choose between more than 50 clock face designs. It also includes a timer and alarm with a variety of fun animations to choose from. A voice recorder lets kids record their voice and play with five voice-changing effects. The Smartwatch also includes four learning games with the ability to download more from Learning Lodge using the included micro USB cable, which can also be used to upload photos and videos as well as recharge the battery. The Kidizoom® Smartwatch is also splash proof, making it perfect for everyday play. (Splash and sweat proof. Do not submerge and not suitable for showering or bathing). More than just a watch, it's the Kidizoom® Smartwatch.

 Price: $129.95-199.99

Service: Bring Your Own SIM

9. My Buddy Tag

My Buddy Tag uses Bluetooth generation and an Android or iOS app to help you hold tabs on your toddler. The real tag is a small disk which may be worn looped via a shoelace or as a wristband. it is able to additionally be slipped right into a pocket or backpack. The app, which can control multiple tags, allows parents to set distance limits for their baby. while the boundary is broken, an alarm is going off at the determine’s smart phone. The final visible vicinity function emails the date, time, and map place while a child leaves an established boundary. The device’s variety is ready 120 ft.

The pal Tag has a panic button on it too which sends an alarm to a caregiver’s smart telephone while pressed through the kid. The buddy Tag is water-proof however sends an alert to a smartphone if it's miles submerged for 10 seconds or extra, which enables to prevent accidental drowning.

For introduced protection, the wristbands come with personal identity inserts so dad and mom can write down touch and medical statistics in the occasion a person unearths a wandering baby earlier than a discern reaches them.

Price: $39.00

Service:  No Monthly Fee Not True GPS

10. KidGPS Tracker

KidGPS is a real-time GPS location tracker created just for kids. Quick to setup andkids gps tracker easy to use, KidGPS lets you find the location of your child, anywhere, from your smartphone or tablet. Customized Zones allow you to receive push notifications when your child leaves or arrives at common locations like home or school. KidGPS also includes a built-in Help button, enabling kids to instantly alert you of their location in scary situations. * For use in USA Only * Panic Alert: Your child can alert you if they are in a scary situation and give you their current location. * On-Demand Location: Get the current location of your child, on-demand, with the KidGPS child tracking app. * Zones: Receive push notifications when your child arrives at or leaves special locations you define, like home or school. * Sharing: KidGPS let's you share access to your child's location with trusted adults. You can revoke tracking access at any time. * Driving Locations: With a tap, get driving locations to your child's current location. * Track Multiple Kids: Easily track an unlimited amount of kids. * KidGPS uses a nationwide, reliable cellular network to pinpoint your child's location at a moment's notice. Should your child ever become lost, our service fee ensures you have the ability to locate them using GPS. Each device requires its own service plan. No long term contracts required.

Price: $75.96

Service: Buy Own SIM and Data

11. Mommy I’m right here

Mommy I’m right here is one of the handiest and cheapest infant locators on the mommy im heremarket. It does no longer have GPS abilities but makes use of a key chain transmitter to ship an alarm to a wearable, strong, and water-proof teddy bear. If a child wanders too some distance or out of sight, a figure sincerely pushes the button to ship an 86-decibel alarm to the undergo. The transmitter ought to be approximately one hundred fifty ft of the locator to paintings.

Mommy I’m right here is the electronic and wireless version of toddler harnesses and tethers used for journeys to the park, store, or vacation tours. while babies run in advance and in brief wander away in a crowd or special grocery aisle, the alarm can reduce a infant’s panic by letting them recognize mommy or daddy are searching out them. The alarm offers dad and mom an audio cue of wherein to discover their infant. The transmitter runs off of a 12V battery and the locator runs off of two disc batteries. Batteries are protected with the acquisition of Mommy I’m right here.

Price: $23.98

Service: No Service Not True GPS



As long our kids are safe, there isn't a proper or incorrect parenting philosophy. we all have our very own fashion when it comes to elevating our children; we do what works first-rate for ourselves and our youngsters.  These 11 tracking devices are meant to help maintain our kids safety. They're ready to keep up with our busy lives, our quick advancing and generation-filled global, and our adventurous children.  In case you feel that your own family would gain from the usage of a tracker,  We endorse those listed above.

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January 01, 2017

We us the angelsense gps tracker after trying many of the watches you mention here in this review. I personally feel the angelsense has more features and gives us parents of children with special needs the kind of service we need. We tried so many watches – which just got removed and lost. The angelsense tracker can not be removed and our kids got used to wearing it under their clothes on a special belt. I suggest you review it because compared to all these here, it’s far more advanced!

jacqueline MIZRACHI
jacqueline MIZRACHI

December 17, 2016

Which of these will work on a cruise ship?


December 12, 2016

You helped me pick my daughters Christmas present. Thank you

Harl M.
Harl M.

December 06, 2016

I have tried a few of these trackers and have to say that I’m surprised you didn’t include angelsense on your list. It’s by far the most advanced system I’ve seen. We have two boys with autism and sensory issues and they won’t tolerate watches. The angelsense tracker is worn on a belt under their clothes and has unlimited coverage in the US. We used it on a recent trip to Disney and our parents were able to see the boys as well. Can’t imagine our lives without it.


November 25, 2016

Thanks for such a great list. it really makes things easier when shopping. I love the content being all on one page.


November 13, 2016

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October 20, 2016

Nice overview, noticed though that Trax is available for 99 $ on Amazon.


August 29, 2016

I bought amberalertgps with ATT SERVICE 3 months ago for my son .since I bought them I haven’t been able to activate and when I call them several times and they said the device is defected .they didn’t tell me first time instead they said they already fixed. Finally they told me they will replace it for me . I will not recommend this product for any parents who concern about their children safety on this unreliable products

Rich C
Rich C

August 27, 2016

This iGPS watch is awesome, it also lets you do a two-way call with your kids. And track them on your smartphone. http://bit.ly/2bmC09X

Amanda Cerros
Amanda Cerros

July 08, 2016

The best thing about this article is the Paw Tracker. I didn’t even know they had GPS Trackers that are able to fit on a cats collar. WOW! What will they think of next! :)

ordered 1 today. I can’t wait to try tracking my son after school. But I also plan to track our kitty cat when we go out of town. Fun stuff!

July 01, 2016

My son has the vtech kidizoom watch and nowhere can I find its tracking capabilities. Can you explain where I can find this functionality?

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