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July 09, 2016 1 Comment

SIM Cards for GSM Device and Gadgets Made Easy

You have been waiting for 2 or 3 weeks for your Gadget to get here from China,  When you
Smart Watch For Kids | GPS Tracker for Kids | GSM SIM Requiredcut open the package and start looking at the directions and realize you need a SIM card in order for the device to work, you probably feel like pulling your hair out.  That is if you have been able to translate the directions.  So, we have the best solution for you.  Now that AT&T is taking down all the 2G Cellular towers (2G Sunset) as they call it, you really only have 1 option, T-Mobile.  You can get 1 by clicking here.

You don't need to look further, we offer monthly service for $9.95/Month.  This is an introductory price so get signed up soon.  You can use any device from eBay or Amazon that would require a GSM SIM card to work.  You may even find some other uses for our SIM cards.  You will be required to sign up for monthly service after you get your SIM in the mail. Directions for monthly memberships can be found at our Membership Page.  

Once you place the order for the SIM we will ship you a complete SIM card kit with our unique SIM card tool.  This will help you while installing your SIM card.  Also, we provide a Tri-cut SIM template so you will be able to use. Full size, Micro, and Macro SIM slots.  

Don't waste your money buying Pre-Paid SIMs that are not compatible with China's wearable tech gadgets.  You will be able to use our SIM cards right when you get them because they are pre-activated.  Most of the gadgets you purchase from eBay or Amazon that require a SIM card will be self explanatory as far as inserting the SIM card.  One tip: is NEVER force or push in with force.the SIM.  It will slide easily. 

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to post them below in the comments sections.  If you don't know if we are the right solution then ask we will let you know.  We don't want to be returning packages and  giving refunds we would rather tell you not to buy if it is not he SIM you need.  The following things are good to use. M2M, IoT, Gadgets, Tech, Wearables, Smart Watches, SIMables, GPS Trackers, Personal GPS units, Fitbits, Garmin, Samsung Gear, Android Devices, and Much more!


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Nicole Mills
Nicole Mills

August 24, 2016

Good afternoon, I recently bought a sim card kit, just waiting for it to arrive. I already set up an account for the monthly service, bc I was not aware that should be done after I received the sim card. my question is do I need to get a plan through tmobile or is the monthly plan you provide going to cover ALL the functions of the watch, caller id, calling, etc?

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