GPS Trackers

Our GPS Trackers all come with an activated SIM card and require a membership to work.  You can sign up for a membership here.  We can track anything from Cars, Bicycles, Trailers, Kids, Elderly, Adults and Much More!  - Just attach it to your loved one or thing you want to track.  You can track the exact GPS location with the app available for download in the Apple Store or Google Play. You will be able to see exactly the route that your kids take on their way to and from school.  Find your stolen bike or trailer before the police.  See all of our different models to find the best fit for you.  

We provide the best customer service and back our products with a satisfaction guarantee.  As long as you are our customer we will provide full technical and application support.  We want everyone of our customers to be satisfied and find value in the service and products we offer. If you still need more information about which devices are available please send us a note at our Contact Us Page.